.07 Unaffected Projects.

The following types of capital improvements are not subject to the reporting requirements of these procedures either because they do not significantly affect the environment or because they are not the subject of "proposed State action" that is, there is no specific request for legislative appropriation or other legislative action for the improvements:

A. Installation, modification, or renewal of navigational, traffic control, and safety equipment such as signing, signalization, lighting, fencing, freeway surveillance and control systems, railroad protective devices, roadway grooving, glare screens, safety barriers, and energy attenuators;

B. Interior or exterior renovation of transportation facilities which does not significantly increase capacity;

C. Overlay or resurfacing of existing taxiway, runway, ramp, roadway, and parking lot surfaces;

D. Modernization and improvement of existing highways by resurfacing, reconstruction of roadbeds, widening less than single lane width, adding shoulders, adding auxiliary lanes for localized purposes, correcting substandard curves and intersections, spot improvements, drainage improvements, erosion control, and channelizations;

E. Addition of scenic lands, rest areas, and scenic overlooks without sewage discharge;

F. Junkyard and outdoor advertising control projects;

G. Traffic noise attenuation projects;

H. Reconstruction of grade separations;

I. Approval of utility installations along or across a transportation facility;

J. Construction of bicycle and pedestrian lanes, paths, and facilities;

K. Improvements to existing rest areas and truck weigh stations;

L. Ride-sharing activities;

M. Alterations to facilities or vehicles to make them accessible for elderly and handicapped persons;

N. Bridge redecking, resurfacing, and minor rehabilitation (superstructive only); and

O. Modification, upgrading, repair, or retrofitting of existing stormwater management facilities or the retrofit construction of new facilities when not done in conjunction with another transportation project.