.05 Circulation.

A major aim of the Maryland Environmental Policy Act is to provide public notice of actions which have environmental effects before legislative action. To that end, the following procedures are established:

A. All environmental assessment forms and environmental effects reports shall be available for inspection by the public at the operating administration within the Department which prepared the reports, and copies will be available from the Department upon written request free of charge to the fullest extent possible.

B. The Department shall file copies with the State Clearinghouse which will prepare a list by title of every environmental effects report or environmental assessment form filed in the preceding month, naming the Department and including a short description of the locale affected and the amount of funds requested. Monthly, the list will be distributed by the State Clearinghouse to:

(1) All members of the State General Assembly;

(2) Selected State agencies;

(3) All newspapers, private citizens, and citizen groups who request the listing and pay a subscription fee.