.09 Pleadings and Motions in Appeals; Service; Parties.

A. Answer. The respondent in an appeal shall file an answer to the appeal and an interested individual may file an answer to the appeal.

B. Pleadings and Motions.

(1) A party may file motions or other pleadings.

(2) Each party's name, address, and telephone number, or that of the party's counsel, shall be stated on each motion or pleading.

(3) The form and content of pleadings, except as otherwise set forth in these regulations, shall be generally in accordance with the practice in the courts in this State.

C. Service. After the filing of the appeal, the answer and all motions and pleadings shall be served on all parties appearing on the docket.

D. The Board may act on matters before or at the hearing or after the hearing.