.07 Conduct of Hearings.

A. Hearings shall be conducted generally in the following order:

(1) Call of the case by the presiding officer;

(2) Disposition of any preliminary matters;

(3) Opening statements of the parties;

(4) Presentation of evidence in the following order:

(a) Complainant,

(b) Interested administrative officers,

(c) Other parties,

(d) Rebuttals in the same order;

(5) Closing arguments.

B. The Board may limit the time allowed for opening statements and closing arguments.

C. If applicable, the Board shall in all respects be governed by the provisions of the Administrative Procedure Act, State Government Article, Title 10, Annotated Code of Maryland. In the event of any conflict between the regulations of the Board and the Act, the provisions of the Act shall supersede.