.06 Appeal Docket; Time and Place of Hearings; Notice.

A. When an appeal of a regulation has been filed with the Board of Review, The Board shall docket the appeal in its docket book which shall be available for public inspection during regular business hours.

B. Appeals shall be assigned for hearing by the Chairman, and, insofar as feasible, in the sequence in which they are filed, provided that appeals filed with inadequate information may not be assigned for hearing until the appeal information has been satisfactorily completed. The Chairman may advance the date for hearing of any appeal or postpone the hearing date. Dates of hearing shall be noted on the docket.

C. The Board shall give notice of the date and place of hearing by certified mail, receipt requested, to the complainant and any other parties appearing on the Board's docket, not more than 30 days or less than 15 days before the date of hearing. The Chairman may designate additional means of notice in any case.

D. Appeals set for hearing on a particular day shall be heard in the order designated by the Chairman. Appeals not heard on the day set, or not concluded on the day set, shall be reset or continued to a future day. If the day to which the appeal is reset or continued is announced at the hearing meeting, it is not necessary to give further notice of the date of hearing to which the appeal is continued.