.04 Board Procedures.

A. A program or institution seeking Board approval shall submit the following in writing at least 60 days before the starting date of the program or course:

(1) Title, location, and date of program or course;

(2) If electronically administered, website, database, or system used;

(3) Credit hours requested;

(4) Names and professional and educational qualifications of instructors;

(5) Name of attendance certifying officer and method of certification;

(6) Required texts or course books used;

(7) Program or course syllabus; and

(8) List of any sponsor of the program or course.

B. The Board shall notify the requestor in writing of the Board's decision to approve or disapprove a program or course.

C. The Board shall conduct a biennial audit of continuing education, and shall notify audited certificate and registration holders by mail that the audited certificate and registration holders shall produce satisfactory evidence of completion of the continuing education requirements.

D. Certificate and registration holders shall maintain accurate records, including continuing education course certifications, and if audited, shall present this documentation upon request to the Board.