.02 Approval of Continuing Education Programs.

A. The Board shall:

(1) Base approval of continuing education programs solely on content;

(2) Ensure that continuing education programs are directed toward improvement, advancement, and extension of professional skill and knowledge related to massage therapy.

B. A course or program offered by a pre-approved provider is approved without further review and is exempted from the requirements of Regulation .04 this chapter, provided that the course or program pertains to the human anatomy and includes any of the following topics:

(1) Massage practice modalities, application, scope, and philosophy;

(2) Contraindications;

(3) Massage therapy theory, technique, studies, and research;

(4) Professional ethics, jurisprudence, and risk management;

(5) Recordkeeping and professional business practices;

(6) Diversity, communications, and cultural competency; and

(7) Any other topic determined by the Board to meet the professional and educational requirements of the license and registration holders.

C. Pre-approved Providers. Unless the requirement of žB of this regulation are not met or accreditation status of the pre-approved provider, including all sub-providers, schools, courses, and programs approved or sanctioned by the pre-approved provider unless otherwise prohibited, is not retained, the following shall be considered pre-approved providers:

(1) COMTA;

(2) FSMTB;



(5) AOBTA;

(6) AMTA;

(7) National and State massage therapy organizations accredited by the federal or state government or a Board recognized accreditation society;

(8) Accredited state schools and U.S. Military Commands; and

(9) Such other Board-approved providers.

D. Up to 12 credit hours may be achieved for formal, authorized representation at a national, regional, or local convention or meeting relating to any of the above-cited organizations.

E. Courses may be completed in live, home study, or online format.