.09 Registration.

A. The Board shall:

(1) Issue a registration to an approved applicant that:

(a) Is not valid for more than 2 years; and

(b) Expires on the date set by the Board; or

(2) Notify an applicant not approved for registration, by a letter which specifies the reason or reasons for disapproval.

B. The registration holder shall notify the Board, in writing, of any change in the name or address of the registration holder within 60 days after the change occurs.

C. The Board may not issue a license or registration if the criminal history records information required under Health Occupations Article, §3302.1, Annotated Code of Maryland, has not been received.

D. Display of Registration. A registration holder shall display the registration and any current renewal registration conspicuously in the space where the registration holder is engaged in practice, including in any temporary space or in any exhibit location.