.07 Required Massage Therapy Education and Training.

A. Classroom Training.

(1) Of the minimum 600 hours classroom training required in Regulation .06A(9), B, C, and D(8) of this chapter:

(a) At least 100 hours shall consist of:

(i) Anatomy;

(ii) Physiology;

(iii) Pathology; and

(iv) Kinesiology; and

(b) The remaining 500 hours shall include a majority of hours in:

(i) Massage therapy theory;

(ii) Technique;

(iii) Supervised practice;

(iv) Professional ethics;

(v) Professional standards;

(vi) Business practices;

(vii) Health and hygiene;

(viii) Contraindications of massage; and

(ix) Research.

(2) Cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) shall be included but do not count toward the 600-hour minimum.

(3) An applicant may attend more than one training institution, if the applicant graduates from a school requiring satisfactory completion of a minimum of 600 classroom hours in massage therapy education.

(4) Correspondence courses are not recognized by the Board.

B. Education and Training in a Foreign Country.

(1) The Board may grant a license or registration to practice massage therapy to an applicant who completed an educational program in a foreign country if the applicant:

(a) Can demonstrate through a Board-approved certifying agency that the applicant's education and training were substantially equivalent to the requirements of Regulation .04A(7) of this chapter and §A of this regulation through a Board-approved certifying agency; and

(b) Meets the examination and other requirements of this chapter.

(2) The Board may interview an applicant under this section to determine whether the applicant's education and training meet the requirements of this chapter.

(3) An applicant shall arrange and pay for the professional translation into English of all documentation required under this chapter if the documentation is in a language other than English.