.20 Hearing Procedures.

A. If the Departmentís designated approval unit proposes to take an action listed in Regulation .19 of this chapter, the Department shall deliver a written notice of the proposed action to the program director, in accordance with the provisions of COMAR

B. Within 10 working days after receipt of the notice of the proposed action, the program may submit to the Department, at the address identified in the notice, a written request for a hearing, with copies to the:

(1) Administration;

(2) CSA, LAA, or LBHA, as appropriate; and

(3) Director of the Departmentís designated approval unit.

C. If the program does not submit to the Department a hearing request that is postmarked within 10 working days after the date on the notice:

(1) The programís right to a hearing is waived; and

(2) The Departmentís designated approval unit may implement the proposed action.

D. The Department may offer the program the opportunity, when possible, for an informal case resolution conference, in which to attempt to resolve all or some of the deficiencies listed in the notice.

E. The hearing shall comply with the provisions of COMAR