.15 Directed Plan of Correction.

A. If the Department determines that a program licensed under this chapter has violated any requirement of this chapter, the Departmentís designated approval unit may impose a directed plan of correction, in addition to any intermediate sanctions imposed in accordance with this chapter.

B. The directed plan of correction may include any one or more of the following:

(1) Mandating staffing patterns, specifying the number of personnel, personnel qualifications, or both;

(2) Imposing a temporary site monitor, whereby the Department maintains an on-going physical presence for the purpose of providing assistance and evaluating the extent of the programís progress in correcting violations;

(3) Requiring the program to submit periodic reports of the programís progress in correcting violations.

C. If the Department issues a directed plan of correction to a program under this regulation, the program shall notify individuals receiving services from the program, or the guardians of these individuals, that the program has received a directed plan of correction.