.05 Issuance and Duration of Accreditation-Based and Non-Accreditation-Based Licenses.

A. If the Departmentís designated approval unit determines that a program is eligible for a license to provide community-based behavioral health services, whether accreditation-based or non-accreditation-based, the Departmentís designated approval unit shall issue a license to the program that specifies the:

(1) Programs that the applicant is licensed to provide, including the addresses of all sites where the services will be provided;

(2) Duration of the licensure period:

(3) Name of the accreditation organization, if applicable; and

(4) Date of issue.

B. The duration of the license:

(1) For an accreditation-based license, shall equal the accreditation period plus 3 months; and

(2) For a non-accreditation-based license, may not exceed 3 years.

C. The Departmentís designated approval unit shall notify the following when a license has been issued for a program:

(1) The Administration;

(2) The CSA, LAA, or LBHA, as appropriate, of the jurisdiction in which the program is providing or will provide services;

(3) The Medical Assistance Program; and

(4) The ASO for MDH.

D. The program director shall ensure that the license:

(1) For non-residential programs, is posted in clear view during the regular hours of operation; or

(2) For residential programs, is available for review during regular hours of operation.

E. In order to be approved, an application for renewal of a license and supporting documentation shall be received by the Department or its designee at least 60 days before the expiration of the programís current license.

F. If the program fails to submit the application and supporting documentation within the timeframe established in §E of this regulation, the programís license shall be suspended from the license expiration date until the issuance of a new license for the program.

G. If the Departmentís designated approval unit suspends the programís license in accordance with §F of this regulation, the program director shall immediately take the actions described in Regulation .11D of this chapter.