.04 Additional Application Requirements for Licenses Not Requiring Accreditation.

A. In addition to the application requirements for all community-based behavioral health services licenses, the provisions of this regulation apply to all applicants for licenses to provide community-based behavioral health services, if the license is permitted by this subtitle to be non-accreditation-based.

B. A program applying for a non-accreditation-based license to provide community-based behavioral health services shall pass an inspection by the Department, or its designee, of all of the programís sites before issuance of the license;

C. The on-site inspection conducted under §B of this regulation shall include:

(1) A tour of the physical plant for safety and quality and compliance with regulations and codes;

(2) Interviews with the staff to verify training and competencies; and

(3) A review of emergency and disaster preparedness systems.

D. During the on-site inspection, the Department shall ascertain whether the physical plant:

(1) Provides sufficient space for required services;

(2) Is appropriately furnished, well lit, adequately ventilated, and easily accessible;

(3) Is maintained in good repair, safe, clean and free of insects and rodents and hazards;

(4) Provides secure storage for participant records;

(5) Provides for the safe and sanitary disposal of trash; and

(6) Provides marked fire exits and the posting of evacuation routes.