.02 Label for Distribution to a Qualifying Patient.

A. A licensee shall print a label for a package of medical cannabis for a qualifying patient in English in letters no less than one-sixteenth of an inch high. If requested by a qualifying patient or caregiver, the licensee may also print a label in another language.

B. A licensee may not distribute a package of medical cannabis without a label securely attached.

C. A licensee shall state on a label of a package of medical cannabis:

(1) The name of the qualifying patient;

(2) The name of the certifying provider;

(3) The name of the licensee where the product was dispensed;

(4) The date that the medical cannabis was dispensed;

(5) The name of the product;

(6) The strength of applicable cannabinoid and terpene compounds:

(a) Displayed in units appropriate to the dosage form; and

(b) Concentrations of any cannabinoid of less than one percent shall be printed with a leading zero before the decimal point;

(7) The quantity of medical cannabis dispensed, displayed in units appropriate to the dosage form;

(8) Any directions for use of the product; and

(9) The instructions for proper storage or handling of the product.

D. Any other information required by the dispensary at its discretion may be provided in a patient insert.

E. The label may not:

(1) Contain any false or misleading statement or design; or

(2) Include any statement, image or design that may not be included on the package.