.01 Packaging Medical Cannabis for Distribution to a Qualifying Patient or Caregiver.

A. A licensed dispensary may only distribute medical cannabis in a package that complies with the requirements and restrictions of §§B—F of this regulation.

B. Packaging Requirements. A package of medical cannabis for distribution to a qualifying patient or caregiver shall:

(1) Be plain;

(2) Be opaque;

(3) If appropriate or requested by a qualifying patient or caregiver, be child-resistant;

(4) Identify the licensee that produced the medical cannabis finished product or that grew the medical cannabis in the package;

(5) Bear a finished-product lot number and an expiration date;

(6) Bear a clear warning that:

(a) The contents may be lawfully consumed only by the qualifying patient named on the attached label;

(b) It is illegal for any person to possess or consume the contents of the package other than the qualifying patient; and

(c) It is illegal to transfer the package or contents to any person other than for a caregiver to transfer it to a qualifying patient;

(7) Include the following statements:

(a) "Consumption of medical cannabis may impair your ability to drive a car or operate machinery. Please use extreme caution.";

(b) "There may be health risks associated with cannabis use, especially during pregnancy or breast-feeding."; and

(c) "This package contains cannabis. Keep out of the reach of children and animals.";

(8) Display the following symbol or easily recognizable mark issued by the Commission that indicates the package contains medical cannabis:

(9) Bear the Maryland Poison Control Center emergency telephone number;

(10) Bear the telephone number of the licensee to call to report an adverse patient event;

(11) If applicable, bear any allergen warning or nutrition labeling required by law;

(12) If applicable, bear a listing of the non-medical cannabis ingredients;

(13) Bear a conspicuous itemization, including weight, of all cannabinoid and terpene ingredients specified for the product; and

(14) Bear a personalized label for the qualifying patient.

C. Packaging Prohibitions. A package of medical cannabis for distribution to a qualifying patient or caregiver may not:

(1) Bear any resemblance to the trademarked, characteristic or product-specialized packaging of any commercially available candy, snack, baked good or beverage;

(2) Bear any statement, artwork or design that could reasonably mislead any person to believe that the package contains anything other an a medical cannabis finished product;

(3) Bear any seal, flag, crest, coat of arms, or other insignia that could reasonably mislead any person to believe that the product has been endorsed, manufactured, or used by any State, county or municipality or any agency thereof; or

(4) Bear any cartoon, color scheme, image, graphic or feature that might make the package attractive to children.

D. Information printed on the package shall be in English, in letters at least one-sixteenth of an inch high.

E. If a statement of the presence of any cannabinoid is expressed as a percentage of the total weight of the contents and the concentration of the cannabinoid is less than 1 percent, the percentage shall be written with a leading zero before the decimal point.

F. At a licensed dispensary medical cannabis may only be prepared or re-packaged in an area of the operations zone designed, maintained, and used exclusively for such purposes.