.02 Unethical Conduct.

It is unethical for an applicant for a license as an environmental health specialist or a licensee to:

A. Engage in conduct prohibited by Health Occupations Article, §§1-212 and 21-312, Annotated Code of Maryland;

B. Where applicable, engage in conduct prohibited by State Public Ethics Law, State Government Article, §§15-501—15-509, Annotated Code of Maryland;

C. Where applicable, engage in conduct prohibited by a county or municipal ethics law adopted pursuant to State Government Article, Title 15, Subtitle 8, Annotated Code of Maryland;

D. Refuse a professional service based on race, creed, color, or national origin;

E. Willfully disregard any observed, known, or continued violation of any federal, State, or local law or regulation regarding public or environmental health;

F. Falsify or misrepresent any qualifications or information required to be set forth in any application for licensure or other submission to the board required under Health Occupations or Health General Articles, Annotated Code of Maryland;

G. Knowingly become involved in an actual or perceived conflict of interest unless:

(1) The conflict can be legally waived; and

(2) Waiver is obtained in writing from all affected parties;

H. If a conflict of interest arises, fail to disclose the conflict of interest to all affected parties;

I. Accept gifts or gratuities in exchange for preferential regulatory treatment;

J. Offer gifts or gratuities to a regulatory authority with expectation of preferential regulatory treatment; and

K. Disclose confidences or other proprietary information.