.08 Supervisor Responsibilities.

A supervisor shall:

A. Agree to and sign a Board-approved contract before initiating supervision;

B. Ensure that the supervisee is practicing within the scope of the supervisee’s license;

C. Determine the skill level at which the supervisee may practice;

D. Focus on primary data from the supervisee’s practice;

E. Maintain documentation of supervisory sessions for at least 7 years, including:

(1) Dates;

(2) Duration; and

(3) Focus of the supervisory sessions;

F. Ensure that a supervisee has read and is knowledgeable about:

(1) Health Occupations Article, Title 17, Annotated Code of Maryland; and

(2) COMAR 10.58 with special emphasis on the Code of Ethics, COMAR 10.58.03;

G. Within a reasonable period of time before the conclusion of supervision, provide the supervisee and employer with a notice of termination to avoid or minimize any harmful effect on the supervisee’s clients or patients;

H. Be responsible for the clinical professional practices of supervisees;

I. Provide:

(1) For emergency supervision and direction to a supervisee by a Board-approved supervisor;

(2) A written evaluation of progress to the supervisee on a regular basis or as needed; and

(3) A copy of the documentation required by §E of this regulation on request by the:

(a) Supervisee; or

(b) Board or its authorized agent; and

J. Comply with a Board audit of a supervisor’s compliance with regard to the supervisory requirements and responsibilities.