.16 Supervisee Responsibilities.

A. A supervisee shall:

(1) Verify that the supervisor has been approved by the Board;

(2) Agree to and sign a Board-approved contract before initiating supervision;

(3) Attend and participate in supervision as agreed to in the supervision contract;

(4) Prepare for supervision using case materials related to the supervisee’s alcohol and drug counseling practice;

(5) Maintain documentation of supervisory sessions for at least 7 years, to be available for verification to the Board or its authorized agent, including:

(a) Dates;

(b) Duration; and

(c) Focus of the supervision; and

(6) Follow all terms of the written contract for supervision.

B. A supervisee may not engage in the practice of alcohol and drug counseling independently.

C. A supervisee shall provide each client with a copy of the supervisee’s professional disclosure statement, as required by Health Occupations Article, §17-507, Annotated Code of Maryland, stating:

(1) That the supervisee’s alcohol and drug counseling services are provided under supervision; and

(2) The name of the supervisor, including the supervisor’s address and contact information.

D. A supervisee shall obtain from each client a signed informed consent for treatment form which indicates that the client:

(1) Is aware that counseling services are being provided under supervision; and

(2) Consents to the recording of counseling sessions, and the sharing of client information, acknowledging that all of these materials may be shared with:

(a) The approved alcohol and drug supervisor of record; or

(b) The instructor supervising an education-related practicum.