.13 Scope of Practice — Certified Professional Counselor — Alcohol and Drug.

The scope of practice for a certified professional counselor — alcohol and drug consists of the following activities:

A. Biopsychosocial evaluation, including screening, assessment, and participating in the development of diagnostic impressions for SUDs and CODs;

B. Treatment planning for SUDs and CODs, including initial, ongoing, continuity of care, discharge, and planning for relapse prevention;

C. Referral;

D. Service coordination and case management in the areas of SUDs and CODs;

E. Counseling, therapy, and trauma-informed care with individuals, families and groups in the areas of SUDs and CODs;

F. Client, family, and community education;

G. Documentation;

H. Professional and ethical responsibilities; and

I. Supervisory responsibilities for all categories of certified alcohol and drug counselors or trainees in the certification track.