.13 Standards for Supervision.

A. Except as otherwise specified in this chapter, this chapter does not apply to personnel or management practices associated with contractual relationships or employment.

B. A supervisor shall:

(1) Supervise only in those areas within the supervisor’s competence, as determined by:

(a) Education;

(b) Training; and

(c) Experience;

(2) Provide supervision appropriate to the particular level of licensure or certification being applied for or maintained;

(3) Provide supervision in the general content areas established in Health Occupations Article, §§17-302, 17-403, 17-404, and 17-406, Annotated Code of Maryland; and

(4) Ensure that a supervisee has read and is knowledgeable about:

(a) Health Occupations Article, Title 17, Annotated Code of Maryland; and

(b) This subtitle, with special emphasis on the code of ethics chapter, COMAR 10.58.03.

C. In addition to the requirements of §B of this regulation, the supervisor shall specifically instruct and provide guidance relating to:

(1) The supervisee’s scope of practice of:

(a) Clinical alcohol and drug counseling under Health Occupations Article, §17-101(s), Annotated Code of Maryland; or

(b) Alcohol and drug counseling under Health Occupations Article, §17-101(p), Annotated Code of Maryland;

(2) Activities specified under Regulations .04A, .07A, .08A, and .09A, of this chapter;

(3) Appropriate billing practices, if applicable to the practice site, including:

(a) Financial record keeping and disclosure; and

(b) Establishment and disclosure to clients of:

(i) Fees for services;

(ii) Payment arrangements;

(iii) Payment plans;

(iv) Financial services; and

(v) Terms and conditions of service;

(4) Professional and ethical responsibilities, including a working knowledge of the Board’s code of ethics, as set forth in COMAR 10.58.03;

(5) The provision of services involving the application of counseling principles and methods in the diagnosis, prevention, treatment, and amelioration of psychological problems, emotional conditions, or mental conditions of individuals or groups, as required by Health Occupations Article, §17-308, Annotated Code of Maryland; and

(6) Appropriate maintenance and destruction of clinical and financial records.

D. The following supervisees shall practice alcohol and drug counseling under the supervision of an approved alcohol and drug counselor supervisor as defined under Regulation .02B of this chapter:

(1) A licensed graduate alcohol and drug counselor;

(2) A certified associate counselor-alcohol and drug;

(3) A certified supervised counselor-alcohol and drug; or

(4) An alcohol and drug trainee.