.11 Certification Eligibility — CAC-AD — Out-of-State Applicants.

A. An applicant certified as a certified associate counselor — alcohol and drug in another state territory, or jurisdiction, is eligible for certification if the applicant:

(1) Files a completed Board-approved application accompanied by the required fees specified in COMAR;

(2) Provides verification that the applicant has:

(a) No history of disciplinary action, past or pending, in a state, territory, or jurisdiction in which the applicant holds a certificate to practice alcohol and drug counseling; and

(b) Not committed any act or omission that would be grounds for discipline or denial of certification under Health Occupations Article, §17-509, Annotated Code of Maryland;

(3) Provides:

(a) A copy of a current certification from each state, territory, or jurisdiction, in which the applicant is authorized to practice alcohol and drug counseling;

(b) Documentation, satisfactory to the Board, that the applicant is currently certified in good standing to practice alcohol and drug counseling in another state, territory, or jurisdiction;

(c) Documentation or transcripts confirming completion of a bachelor's degree in a health or human services counseling field from a:

(i) Regionally accredited educational institution; or

(ii) Program of studies determined by the Board to be substantially equivalent;

(d) Documentation, satisfactory to the Board, of not less than 3 years of supervised experience in alcohol and drug counseling with a minimum of 2,000 hours experience; and

(e) Verification, on a Board-approved form, from employers, supervisors, or colleagues that the applicant has practiced alcohol and drug counseling for the length of time stated in §A(3)(d) of this regulation; and

(4) Achieves a passing score on:

(a) A national alcohol and drug counselor examination approved by the Board; and

(b) An examination of:

(i) Health Occupations Article, Title 17, Annotated Code of Maryland; and

(ii) COMAR 10.58.

B. The Board shall waive the course requirements specified in Regulations .03B and .04B of this chapter, except for documentation from an accredited educational institution approved by the Board showing completion of:

(1) 12 educational workshop hours in the ethics of alcohol and drug counseling; or

(2) 1 semester credit hour or 2 quarter hours in the ethics of alcohol and drug counseling.