.11 Sanctions.

A. A counselor who engages in sexual misconduct with a client or supervisee is subject to sanctions by the Board.

B. A sanction constitutes the minimum disciplinary measure and does not preclude the Board from imposing additional penalties as it considers appropriate to an individual case.

C. The Board shall advise professional associations of a reprimand, suspension, or revocation of a license or certificate on the grounds of sexual misconduct.

D. A counselor may not prohibit a client from reporting sexual misconduct as a condition of settlement of a legal cause of action.

E. A counselor who does not comply with this chapter shall be in violation of Health Occupations Article, §17-313, Annotated Code of Maryland, and subject to disciplinary actions.

F. A lack of knowledge, or misunderstanding of an ethical responsibility, is not a defense against a charge of unethical conduct.