.03 Professional Competence.

A. A counselor shall:

(1) Practice only within the boundaries of a counselor's competence, based on education, training, supervised experience, and professional credentials;

(2) When developing competence in a new service or technique, or both, engage in ongoing consultation with other counselors or relevant professionals and acquire appropriate additional education or training, or both, in the new area; and

(3) Maintain qualifications to practice counseling, including meeting the continuing education requirements established by the Board.

B. An impaired counselor shall:

(1) Suspend, terminate, or limit professional activities if the counselor determines that he or she is unable to continue professional activities; or

(2) Seek competent professional assistance to determine whether to suspend, terminate, or limit the scope of professional or scientific activities if a counselor becomes or is made aware that personal problems interfere with providing or conducting counseling or therapy services.