.02 Disclosure for Compelling Public Purpose.

A custodian may find that a compelling public purpose warrants disclosure of information in a certification, licensing, or investigative file, whether or not there has been a request for the information, under the following circumstances:

A. The information concerns possible criminal activity and is disclosed to a federal, state, or local law enforcement or prosecutorial official or authority;

B. The information concerns a possible regulatory violation and is disclosed to a federal, state, or local regulatory authority which has jurisdiction over the individual whose conduct may be a violation and the information disclosed is limited to the possible regulatory violation by that individual; or

C. The information concerns conduct by an individual which the custodian reasonably believes may pose a risk to the public health, safety, or welfare and is disclosed to a law enforcement authority, administrative official, or agency which regulates the individual, or to a hospital or other health care facility where the individual has privileges.