.08 Reinstatement.

A. Within 1 Year of Failed Renewal.

(1) Within 1 calendar year after the renewal date, the Board shall reinstate the license of a dietitian or nutritionist whose license was not renewed due to failure to complete continuing education requirements, if the dietitian or nutritionist completes within that year all or the remaining balance of 30 continuing education units required during the prior renewal period.

(2) Continuing education units applied to reinstate are not counted again toward meeting the continuing education requirement of the renewal period in which the continuing education units are taken.

B. After 1 Year of Failed Renewal.

(1) If a dietitian or nutritionist applies to reinstate the dietitian's or the nutritionist's license within 1 to 5 calendar years after the last renewal date, the dietitian or nutritionist shall demonstrate completion of 15 continuing education units for each year the license has lapsed.

(2) A dietitian or nutritionist who fails to apply for reinstatement of a license within 5 years after the expiration of the license may become licensed by meeting the requirements for obtaining an initial license as stated in COMAR 10.56.01.