.03 Conditions of Licensure Renewal; Continuing Education Units Required.

The Board shall renew a license for an additional 2-year period if the licensee:

A. Otherwise is entitled to be licensed as set forth in COMAR 10.56.02;

B. Pays to the Board the renewal fee as set forth in COMAR 10.56.02; and

C. Submits to the Board:

(1) A renewal application on the form that the Board requires, and

(2) Satisfactory evidence of having completed, within the 2-year period before the renewal date, a minimum of 30 continuing education units approved by the Board or sponsored by, but not limited to, the following organizations:

(a) The Commission on Dietetic Registration, including approved Commission on Dietetic Registration Continuing Professional Education Providers;

(b) The Certification Board for Nutrition Specialists;

(c) The American College of Nutrition;

(d) American Society for Nutrition;

(e) The Accreditation Council for Continuing Medical Education;

(f) The Accreditation Council for Pharmaceutical Education;

(g) American Osteopathic Association;

(h) The Red Cross;

(i) United States Department of Agriculture, including, but not limited to, Agricultural Research Services;

(j) National Institutes of Health;

(k) Food and Drug Administration;

(l) Accredited colleges and universities;

(m) Accredited hospitals as defined in Health-General Article, §19-301, Annotated Code of Maryland; or

(n) The Maryland Department of Health.