.07 Reinstatement of Licensure.

A. The Board shall reinstate the license of an individual who has failed to renew licensure for less than 5 years for any reason if the individual:

(1) Is otherwise entitled to be licensed; and

(2) Submits to the Board:

(a) An application for reinstatement on a form required by the Board within 5 years after the license expired;

(b) Evidence satisfactory to the Board of compliance with the CEU requirement; and

(c) Written, verified evidence that the renewal applicant has completed an application for a criminal history records check by submitting the following:

(i) Two sets of fingerprints, as required by the Central Repository and the FBI; and

(ii) All fees required by the Central Repository and the FBI.

B. A license may not be issued until the Board has:

(1) Received and reviewed the criminal history records information; and

(2) Approved the application.

C. An electrology instructor license that has been inactive or lapsed may be reinstated if the electrologist is:

(1) Otherwise entitled to be licensed; and

(2) Meets the requirements of Regulation .08B of this chapter.

D. An electrologist or electrology instructor whose license has been expired for 5 years or more may become licensed if the individual meets the current requirements for initial licensure by examination as set forth in Regulation .02 of this chapter.

E. While the license is expired, the individual may not:

(1) Practice as an electrologist or electrology instructor; or

(2) Use the designation "Electrologist", "Licensed Electrologist", "Electrology Instructor", "Licensed Electrology Instructor", "L.E.", or "L.E.I.".