.04 Licensure by Waiver.

A. An applicant who is licensed in another state shall:

(1) Comply with all requirements under Regulation .01A of this chapter; and

(2) Submit to the Board:

(a) Verification of the license;

(b) Evidence of successful examination in another state that was substantially equivalent to the examinations given in this State; and

(c) A certificate of completion from each electrology instruction program attended that was substantially equivalent to the program requirements in this State, with verification of the number of hours completed in each theory and clinical training.

B. The Board may waive the examinations if the applicant:

(1) Provides verified documentation demonstrating that the applicant:

(a) Is licensed to practice electrology in another state after meeting requirements that are substantially equivalent to the requirements in Maryland;

(b) Became licensed in the other state after passing in that state, or any other state, an examination that is substantially equivalent to the examination approved by the Board; and

(c) Meets the qualifications otherwise set forth in Regulation .01 of this chapter; and

(2) Pays the license fee set forth in COMAR 10.53.12.

C. A license may not be issued until the Board has:

(1) Received and reviewed the criminal history records information; and

(2) Approved the application.