.01 Applicants for Licensure.

A. An applicant for licensure in electrology shall:

(1) Be of good moral character;

(2) Be 18 years old or older;

(3) Be a high school graduate or equivalent; and

(4) Have successfully completed an electrology program that:

(a) Is in Maryland and approved by the Board; or

(b) The Board determines is substantially equivalent to the program required by the Board in Maryland.

B. To apply for a license, an applicant shall submit to the Board:

(1) An application on the form the Board requires;

(2) Evidence of compliance with §A of this regulation;

(3) Information required by Regulation .02 or .03 of this chapter as appropriate;

(4) Any applicable fee as set by the Board in COMAR 10.53.12;

(5) Written, verified evidence satisfactory to the Board that the applicant has completed the application for a criminal history records check by submitting the following:

(a) Two sets of fingerprints, as required by the Central Repository and the FBI; and

(b) All fees required by the Central Repository and the FBI; and

(6) Any additional information required by the Board.

C. The Board shall issue a license to an applicant who meets the requirements for licensure.

D. A license may not be issued until the Board has:

(1) Received and reviewed the criminal history records information; and

(2) Approved the application.