.06 Asthma Data Surveillance System.

A. The Program shall establish a State asthma data surveillance system that has the authority to access and request the submission of data related to asthma, including the submission of a uniform data set and any confidential, patient-identifying data, or information from the following sources:

(1) Vital Statistics Administration;

(2) Maryland Health Care Commission;

(3) Maryland Institute for Emergency Medical Services Systems (MIEMSS);

(4) Maryland Health Services Cost Review Commission;

(5) Maryland Medical Assistance Program; and

(6) Other data sources, as necessary.

B. A health care provider or facility shall release confidential patient-identifying data or information to the Program in accordance with this chapter.

C. Any identifying data or information that the Program receives under §A or B of this regulation is confidential and may be used only for public health surveillance purposes.

D. A health care provider or facility may not be held liable for releasing data or other information to the Program in accordance with this regulation.

E. Except for confidential, patient-identifying medical information, the Program may publish and disseminate data or information that relates to the incidence, severity, or cost of asthma or related conditions if the Program considers the publication beneficial and in the public's interest. However, before the data or information relating to asthma is published or disseminated, the Program shall consult with any person or entity that is the source of the data the Program intends to use. The Program and the person or entity shall agree upon the manner in which the data is published or disseminated.