.05 Meetings and Procedures.

A. Meeting Frequency.

(1) The Council shall meet at least two times per year.

(2) A committee created by Regulation .03A of this chapter shall meet at least four times per year.

B. Quorum.

(1) A quorum shall be present to conduct a Council or committee vote.

(2) If a quorum is not present:

(a) A meeting may still be held; and

(b) An activity requiring a vote shall be deferred to the next meeting with a quorum present.

C. Voting.

(1) A member shall have one vote.

(2) Voting shall be:

(a) In person; or

(b) By phone.

D. Attendance.

(1) A member shall attend at least:

(a) 50 percent of the Council meetings per year; and

(b) 75 percent of the meetings of a committee on which the member serves per year.

(2) The Council shall ensure that attendance is:

(a) Recorded in the meeting minutes; and

(b) Submitted to the Secretary at least once per year.

(3) The Secretary may remove a member for:

(a) Neglect of duty;

(b) Incompetence;

(c) Misconduct;

(d) Malfeasance;

(e) Misfeasance in office; or

(f) Failing to meet the requirements of §D(1) of this regulation.