.17 Forensic Analysis Employee Responsibilities — Specific.

Regardless of the forensic analysis category, an individual who performs a forensic analysis shall:

A. Follow the forensic laboratory's approved procedures for:

(1) Specimen and sample handling and processing;

(2) Performing the forensic analysis; and

(3) Reporting and maintaining records of forensic analysis results;

B. Adhere to the forensic laboratory's policies and procedures for:

(1) Quality control;

(2) Quality assurance; and

(3) Ethics and data integrity;

C. Document all activities related to:

(1) Quality assurance;

(2) Quality control;

(3) Ethics and data integrity;

(4) Calibration of forensic analysis:

(a) Equipment;

(b) Instruments; and

(c) Procedures; and

(5) Performance of maintenance and repair of forensic:

(a) Equipment; and

(b) Instruments;

D. Follow the forensic laboratory's established policies and procedures if forensic analysis systems are not within the established specifications for acceptable performance; and

E. Be capable of:

(1) Identifying a problem that may adversely affect performance of a forensic analysis or reporting of a forensic analysis result; and

(2) Following the laboratory policy and procedure for addressing nonconforming testing.