.13 Technical Leader — Responsibilities.

A. Authority. A licensee may authorize a technical leader to initiate, suspend, and resume a forensic analysis or forensic analyses operations for:

(1) The laboratory, if assigned to the technical leader;

(2) The forensic analysis section or unit of the laboratory assigned to the technical leader; or

(3) An individual in the technical leader’s assigned forensic analysis section or unit of the laboratory.

B. A technical leader shall be responsible for:

(1) Selection of the test method, in concert with the laboratory director, that is appropriate, depending on the type of evidence, for forensic use and for reporting forensic analysis results;

(2) Validation of each forensic analysis procedure performed;

(3) Establishing the forensic laboratory’s forensic analysis performance specifications, including:

(a) Precision;

(b) Accuracy; and

(c) Uncertainty of measurement, where applicable;

(4) Maintaining instrument records for:

(a) Calibration;

(b) Validation; and

(c) Maintenance;

(5) Ensuring that:

(a) The performance levels established in §B of this regulation are maintained throughout the entire forensic analysis process:

(i) From initial receipt of the sample or specimen;

(ii) Through testing and examination; and

(iii) Through reporting of the forensic analysis results; and

(b) Forensic analysis results are not reported until all corrective actions have been taken and the forensic analysis system is functioning properly;

(6) Resolving technical problems and ensuring that remedial actions are taken whenever a forensic analysis procedure or system deviates from the forensic laboratory’s established performance specifications; and

(7) Re-evaluating employee performance, before reporting forensic analysis results, to include the use of a new test method or instrumentation when a forensic analysis method or instrumentation changes.