.11 Technical Leader — Requirements.

A. If a licensee performs or offers to perform forensic analyses in the discipline of Biology-DNA analysis, a forensic laboratory shall have a technical leader who:

(1) Meets the qualifications set forth in this chapter; and

(2) Is responsible for the technical and scientific oversight of the section or unit in a forensic laboratory that performs forensic analyses for DNA.

B. Based on the scope of forensic analysis services, a licensee may employ one or more technical leaders who:

(1) Meet the qualifications of this chapter; and

(2) Are responsible for the technical and scientific oversight of:

(a) The forensic laboratory; or

(b) A specific section or forensic science discipline in a forensic laboratory.

C. A technical leader:

(1) Is not required to be on-site in the forensic laboratory at all times forensic analyses are performed; and

(2) Shall be:

(a) Available to forensic laboratory employees as needed to provide technical and scientific oversight and assistance; and

(b) Accessible to forensic laboratory employees to provide on-site, telephonic, or electronic consultation.