.06 Director — General Duties and Responsibilities.

A. A director of a forensic laboratory is responsible for the overall operation and administration of the forensic laboratory.

B. A director of a forensic laboratory shall participate in and actively oversee the planning, organization, direction, and review of all laboratory operations, including but not limited to:

(1) Employing individuals who are competent to:

(a) Perform a forensic analysis; and

(b) Record and report a forensic analysis:

(i) Promptly within the priority protocols established by the director;

(ii) Accurately; and

(iii) Proficiently; and

(2) Ensuring compliance with the requirements set forth in this subtitle.

C. A forensic laboratory director may:

(1) If qualified, perform the duties of a:

(a) Technical leader;

(b) Quality assurance manager; and

(c) Forensic analysis employee; and

(2) Delegate a duty or responsibility set forth in this subtitle to an employee who is qualified to carry out the delegated duty or responsibility.

D. If a forensic laboratory director delegates the performance of the director’s duties or responsibilities as set forth in this subtitle, the forensic laboratory director shall ensure that the delegated duties and responsibilities are properly performed as required by this subtitle and Health-General Article, Title 17, Subtitle 2A, Annotated Code of Maryland.