.01 Employees — Required.

A. A licensee operating a forensic laboratory shall employ or otherwise engage the services of qualified employees, including:

(1) A director;

(2) A technical leader;

(3) A quality assurance manager; and

(4) Forensic analysts and examiners.

B. Based on the scope of forensic testing services or categories offered or performed by the forensic laboratory, a licensee:

(1) Shall employ a sufficient number of qualified forensic analysts and examiners to:

(a) Accomplish the forensic laboratory’s mission and goals as determined by the director;

(b) Meet the forensic laboratory’s established priority protocols for a forensic analysis; and

(c) Ensure that the quality of forensic testing services is not jeopardized; and

(2) May employ more than one technical leader.

C. The laboratory director may identify or designate an individual in an equivalent role, position, or title for an employee required in §A of this regulation if the individual:

(1) Meets the qualifications for the position; and

(2) Fulfills the responsibilities of the designated required employees as set forth in this subtitle.

D. An individual employed by a licensee may serve in one or more roles or positions of the employees required in §A of this regulation if the:

(1) Individual meets the qualifications for and fulfills the responsibilities of the required employees as set forth in this subtitle; and

(2) Duties and responsibilities are delegated in writing to the assigned individual.