.10 Employee Training and Competency.

A. A licensee shall develop, establish, maintain, implement, and follow a written training program for all technical skills in each discipline and subdiscipline for each new or untrained employee and employees who need remedial training.

B. A licensee shall ensure that available to all technical employees is a discipline-specific training program that includes:

(1) All aspects of the work being performed by the laboratory for each discipline and subdiscipline in which the laboratory performs case work;

(2) Ethics and data integrity;

(3) Criminal and civil law procedures;

(4) Criteria or requirements to demonstrate competence;

(5) Moot court training if court testimony may be required; and

(6) Expert witness training if expert witness testimony may be required.

C. A licensee shall ensure that training records include at least:

(1) Competency assessments;

(2) Proficiency testing results;

(3) Documentation of all training;

(4) Documentation of training that occurred at a previous job, if applicable;

(5) Written authorization by the laboratory director and technical leader to conduct independent casework in each type of testing assigned; and

(6) Documentation of all continuing education.