.01 Proficiency Testing — General.

A. Proficiency Testing. Each year a licensee shall participate in an external proficiency testing program for each forensic science discipline in which the laboratory performs forensic tests and examinations, including but not limited to:

(1) Firearms and toolmarks;

(2) Questioned documents;

(3) Latent prints;

(4) Trace evidence;

(5) Biology;

(6) Controlled dangerous substances; and

(7) Toxicology.

B. Proficiency Testing Performance and Participation Requirements.

(1) Annually, a forensic analyst shall:

(a) Participate in a proficiency test for each discipline for which the forensic analyst is qualified to perform tests or examinations for casework; and

(b) Perform the proficiency testing analysis using the same methods and procedures routinely used for performing the forensic analysis of casework.

(2) For each subdiscipline for which a forensic analyst performs casework, the forensic analyst shall perform proficiency testing at least once in the 3-year license period or if applicable within the required time period outlined by the accreditation organization.

C. Proficiency Testing Performance, Participation Schedule, and Documentation. The quality assurance manager or technical leader, as designated by the director, shall:

(1) Establish a formal, written proficiency testing protocol covering both external and internal proficiency tests for each forensic science discipline and subdiscipline in which the laboratory performs tests and examinations; and

(2) Document and maintain all records of proficiency testing and results for each individual forensic analyst required to participate in proficiency testing.