.02 Scope.

A. This subtitle contains the standards and requirements that a forensic laboratory shall meet to obtain and retain a license to perform or offer to perform forensic analyses.

B. This subtitle does not apply to a:

(1) Forensic laboratory operated by the federal government; or

(2) Laboratory licensed or certified by the Maryland Department of Agriculture.

C. Forensic analysis does not include:

(1) A test of a specimen of breath or blood to determine alcohol concentration or controlled dangerous substance content;

(2) Forensic information technology;

(3) A presumptive test performed at a crime scene;

(4) A presumptive test performed for the purpose of determining compliance with a term or condition of community supervision or parole and conducted by or under contract with a county department of corrections or the Department of Public Safety and Correctional Services; or

(5) An expert examination or test conducted principally for the purpose of scientific research, medical practice, civil or administrative litigation, or any purpose other than determining the connection of physical evidence to a criminal act.