.03 Certification Required.

A. All programs and prevention programs shall be certified by the Department before program services and prevention program services may be provided in the State.

B. The following are exempt from certification under this chapter:

(1) A health professional licensed under the Health Occupations Article who is treating patients within the scope of the professional's practice and who does not advertise the practice as an alcohol abuse or drug abuse program;

(2) Alcoholics Anonymous, Narcotics Anonymous, transitional housing programs, or other similar organizations, if the organization holds meetings or provides support services to help individuals who show the effects of drug abuse or alcohol abuse;

(3) An employees' assistance program of a business entity; and

(4) A hospital as defined in Health-General Article, §19-301, Annotated Code of Maryland, accredited by the Joint Commission on Accreditation of Health Care Organizations with a separately accredited alcohol and drug abuse program.

C. All programs offering drug and alcohol treatment, care, and rehabilitation are required to be certified except as in §A of this regulation.

D. Each level of service offered by a program requires a certification.

E. A separate certification is required for each physical site regardless of the service.

F. A certification is valid only for the program to which it is issued and is not subject to voluntary or involuntary sale, assignment, or transfer.

G. Upon sale, transfer, assignment, lease, or relocation, the program shall obtain a new certification.