.03 Early Intervention Level 0.5.

A. Prevention Program Description. The prevention program shall treat patients who are, for a known reason, at risk for developing alcohol or other drug abuse or dependence but for whom there is not yet sufficient information to document alcohol or other drug abuse or dependence.

B. Patients who are appropriate for this level of treatment shall meet the current edition of the American Society of Addiction Medicine Patient Placement Criteria for Level 0.5, or its equivalent as approved by the Administration.

C. Staffing. Services shall be provided by appropriately credentialed staff as described in COMAR

D. Program services include:

(1) Assessments as described in COMAR within 2 weeks of admission;

(2) An individualized treatment plan as described in COMAR, completed and signed by the alcohol and drug counselor and patient within 7 working days of the comprehensive assessment and updated every 90 days;

(3) Group or individual counseling, or both, as clinically indicated;

(4) Family counseling, as clinically indicated;

(5) Alcohol and drug education; and

(6) Referral for further assessment or to another level of treatment, as clinically indicated.

E. Documentation. The clinical staff providing the service shall write a patient progress note after each counseling session and shall place the note in the patient's record.

F. Referral Services. The prevention program shall offer the following services or maintain a listing of agency referral agreements for the following services:

(1) Mental health services;

(2) Social services; and

(3) Substance abuse treatment programs.