.04 Use of Grant Funds.

A. A grantee under this subtitle may use grant funds for:

(1) Salaries and employment benefits for project staff;

(2) Subcontracting and consultant fees;

(3) Data collection and analysis;

(4) Project-related travel, conference calls, and meetings;

(5) Office supplies, expenses, and other indirect costs as approved by the Commission; and

(6) A limited amount of essential equipment and minor infrastructure improvements required by the project.

B. Funds from operating grants awarded under this subtitle may not be used for:

(1) The purchase or lease of major equipment;

(2) Construction projects;

(3) Support of clinical trials;

(4) Medical devices or drugs that have not received approval from the appropriate federal agency; or

(5) Lobbying or political activity.

C. Funds may not be used in contravention of the Department's Standard Grant Agreement.