.02 Application Review and Selection of Grantees.

A. If a grant application is submitted after the submission deadline specified in the call for proposals, the Commission shall:

(1) Refuse delivery of the application; or

(2) Return the application to the sender without review.

B. The Commission shall review grant applications that were properly submitted prior to the deadline specified in the call for proposals in accordance with §C of this regulation.

C. Review Procedures.

(1) The Commission may direct staff to:

(a) Initially review application materials;

(b) Conduct negotiations with successful applicants regarding program specifications and grant conditions;

(c) Report the results of staff's efforts performing the tasks assigned by the Commission pursuant to §C(1)(a) or (b) of this regulation to the:

(i) Commission; or

(ii) Committee on Capital and Operational Funding; or

(d) Perform each of the tasks identified in §C(1)(a) — (c) of this regulation.

(2) The Commission may consider, in connection with its evaluation of grant proposals:

(a) Reports by:

(i) The Committee on Capital and Operational Funding;

(ii) Staff; or

(iii) Both; and

(b) Any application materials the Commission reviews directly.

(3) The Commission shall consider, in connection with its evaluation of grant proposals, the degree to which a proposal:

(a) Effectively responds to the call for proposals;

(b) Meets the selection criteria specified in COMAR; and

(c) Addresses the funding priorities specified in COMAR

(4) If the Commission determines that none of the proposals received has sufficient merit to justify award of a grant under this subtitle, the Commission shall notify all applicants of the decision not to award any grants in the present round of grant-making.

(5) If the Commission determines, consistent with the criteria and priorities set forth in COMAR and .02, that one or more of the proposals reviewed merits a grant award, the Commission shall:

(a) To the extent adequate funding is available, select one or more applicant or applicants to receive funding pursuant to Regulation .03 of this chapter;

(b) Notify all applicants with applications pending before the Commission of the Commission's decision; and

(c) With respect to applicants selected pursuant to §C(5)(a) of this regulation, include with the notice required by §C(5)(b) of this regulation:

(i) A specification of the amount or range of amounts the Commission expects to award to the grantee; and

(ii) An explanation of the negotiation process described in Regulation .03 of this chapter.