.02 Funding Priorities.

In selecting community health resources proposals to be funded under this subtitle, the Commission shall:

A. Consider geographic balance; and

B. Give priority to community health resources that:

(1) In addition to normal business hours, operate during evening and weekend hours;

(2) Have partnered with a hospital to establish a reverse referral program at the hospital;

(3) Reduce the use of the hospital emergency department for nonemergency services;

(4) Assist patients in establishing a medical home with a community health resource;

(5) Coordinate and integrate the delivery of primary and specialty care services;

(6) Promote the integration of mental and somatic health with federally qualified health centers or other somatic care providers;

(7) Fund medication management or therapy services for uninsured individuals:

(a) Whose income is up to 200 percent of the federal poverty guidelines;

(b) Who meet medical necessity criteria; and

(c) Who are ineligible for the public mental health system;

(8) Provide a clinical home for individuals who access hospital emergency departments for mental health services, substance abuse services, or both; and

(9) Support the implementation of evidence-based clinical practices.