.04 Proposal Guidelines.

An applicant for a grant under this subtitle shall prepare and submit to the Commission a proposal that is consistent with the instructions and requirements specified in the call for proposals, which may include:

A. Information about the applicant, including:

(1) The applicant's mission, programs, and service area;

(2) The applicant's organizational strengths and challenges;

(3) The applicant's organizational structure, including:

(a) An indication of the applicant's for-profit or nonprofit status; and

(b) If applicable, a copy of the applicant's IRS determination letter indicating tax-exempt status under 26 U.S.C. §501(c)(3) and a statement signed by an authorized official of the organization that this ruling remains in full force and effect;

(4) An identification of the applicant's provider type;

(5) The applicant's governance structure, including a list of the applicant's officers and governing body; and

(6) A description of the applicant's staffing pattern and a copy of its organizational chart;

B. A project summary;

C. A project description, including a specification of the payment policies proposed by the applicant;

D. A description of the target population;

E. A specification of the proposed service area of the project;

F. A discussion of the expected benefits of the project's success;

G. An evaluation plan; and

H. A work plan.