.01 Call for Proposals.

Beginning in FY 2007, the Commission shall issue to the public, at least once per year, and as budgeted resources permit, a call for proposals, which may include:

A. An explanation of the grants program;

B. A statement of the Commission's authority to make grant awards pursuant to Health-General Article, §19-2201(e), Annotated Code of Maryland;

C. An indication of whether the object of the solicitation is to award:

(1) Operating grants to qualifying community health resources; or

(2) Funding for development, support, and monitoring of a unified data information system among primary and specialty care providers, hospitals, and other providers of services to community health resource members;

D. In addition to the statement under §C of this regulation, a specific indication of the types of programs the Commission expects to fund and the amount of grant funds to be awarded;

E. Requirements relating to submission of community health resources qualifications, including a requirement that the materials necessary to establish an applicant's qualification as a community health resource pursuant to COMAR, .03, or .04 be submitted:

(1) As part of an applicant's letter of intent, pursuant to COMAR; or

(2) As part of an applicant's grant application, pursuant to COMAR;

F. Requirements applicable to letters of intent, if required, and grant applications, including:

(1) The content required for letters of intent under Regulation .02 of this chapter;

(2) The content required for grant applications under Regulation .03 of this chapter;

(3) Formatting guidelines; and

(4) The date and time for submission, the address to which letters of intent or grant applications shall be directed, and a specification of acceptable means of transmission;

G. Guidelines for preparing grant proposals, including requirements as to:

(1) The content of the proposal, consistent with Regulation .04 of this chapter;

(2) The proposal's structure and organization;

(3) Questions to be addressed in the proposal; and

(4) Formatting and page limit requirements;

H. An explanation of how grantees may use grant funds, consistent with COMAR;

I. Budget guidelines; and

J. To guide the applicant's preparation of the evaluation plan required by Regulation .04G of this chapter, an explanation of program monitoring and evaluation requirements.