.08 Approved Sponsors and Equivalents.

A. The Board approves for credit any course or program that:

(1) Satisfies all eligibility criteria in Regulations .06 and .07 of this chapter; and

(2) Is sponsored by any one of the following entities:

(a) An accredited dental school;

(b) An accredited dental hygiene school;

(c) The American Dental Association;

(d) The National Dental Association;

(e) The American Dental Hygienists' Association;

(f) The National Dental Hygiene Association;

(g) The American Medical Association;

(h) The American Hospital Association;

(i) The American Heart Association;

(j) The American Red Cross;

(k) The American Society of Dentistry for Children;

(l) Any American Dental Association recognized specialty society;

(m) The Academy of General Dentistry;

(n) The Veterans Administration;

(o) The United States uniformed services;

(p) The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services;

(q) The Maryland Department of Health;

(r) Any American Medical Association recognized specialty society;

(s) The Mid-Atlantic PANDA Coalition; and

(t) Any constituent or component organization of the groups in §A(2)(a)—(s) of this regulation.

B. The Board may approve other sponsors of continuing education credits according to the following:

(1) Sponsors not identified in §A(2) of this regulation may petition the Board for approval of continuing education that they offer; and

(2) The Board shall evaluate the sponsors in §B(1) of this regulation and may, at its discretion, set standards and criteria.

C. If the subject matter of a course, program, or activity satisfies the requirements of Regulation .06 of this chapter, a licensee may petition the Board to accept as the equivalent of an eligible continuing education course or program offered by an approved sponsor:

(1) Courses or programs offered by other sponsors; or

(2) Time spent in any of the following activities:

(a) Preparing and presenting table clinics;

(b) Preparing lectures;

(c) Preparing articles for publication in dental journals; or

(d) Attending study clubs or other meetings involved with clinical dentistry.

D. The Board may accept from any licensee up to 17 hours of continuing education credits for self-study activities for the following:

(1) Courses or programs from approved sponsors identified in §A(2) of this regulation that are designed to enhance the licensee's clinical knowledge and ability to treat dental patients; and

(2) Courses or programs from sponsors not identified in §A(2) of this regulation if the:

(a) Sponsor has petitioned the Board for and received approval of the sponsor's continuing education course or program; and

(b) Continuing education activities qualify under §C of this regulation.