.02 Specific Program Requirements.

A. If the conduct of an experimental program requires the delegation to a dental assistant or the hygienist would not otherwise be permitted to perform by law or regulation of the Board, the faculty supervisor of the experimental program shall notify in writing the assistant or hygienists, as well as students participating in the program, of the fact that this delegation of duty is for the purpose of the experimental program only and that the performance of the delegated duties by an assistant or hygienist, outside the experimental program, may be in violation of law or the regulations of the Board.

B. On and after June 1, 1973, all experimental programs proposed to be conducted in dental school or college, and not theretofore implemented which may involve dental procedures not otherwise approved by law or regulation of the Board, shall be submitted to the Board of Dental Examiners and the Maryland State Dental Association for review and comment at least 180 days in advance of the beginning of the experimental program.