.03 Intraoral Procedures Permitted To Be Performed by a Dental Assistant.

A dentist may use the services of a dental assistant to perform the following intraoral duties under the direct supervision of a dentist:

A. Rinsing and aspiration of the oral cavity;

B. Retraction of the lips, cheek, tongue, and flaps;

C. Placement and removal of materials for the isolation of the dentition, provided that the material is not retained by the dentition;

D. Instructing on oral hygiene;

E. Performing intraoral photography;

F. Taking impressions for study models or diagnostic casts;

G. Constructing athletic mouth guards on models;

H. Applying topical anesthesia;

I. Curing by the use of halogen light;

J. Checking for loose bands; and

K. Any other duty approved by the Board.