.03 Application.

A. This chapter shall be used by the Board as a guide for sanctioning licensees in formal and informal actions and proceedings.

B. Except as provided in Regulation .05 of this chapter, the Board shall impose a sanction not less severe than the minimum listed in Regulation .06 of this chapter, nor more severe than the maximum listed in Regulation .06 of this chapter.

C. When conduct results in multiple violations of the Maryland Chiropractic Act and the regulations adopted by the Board, the Board shall consider sanctions that are greater than those imposed for a single violation.

D. This chapter does not apply to disciplinary matters reviewed by the Board that are initially closed.

E. Unless otherwise indicated, the period of a suspension may be stayed in whole or in part.

F. A respondent placed on suspension or probation shall have conditions attached to the suspension or probation which focus on the conduct and steps needed to assure public protection.

G. Consent orders shall:

(1) Include an acknowledgement of the violation or violations; and

(2) Indicate that the respondent accepts personal responsibility for the respondent's behavior.

H. If the conduct is not described in Regulation .06 of this chapter, the Board shall use its judgment to determine appropriate sanctions and shall so state in the sanctions worksheet.

I. A departure from the sanctioning guidelines alone may not be grounds for any hearing or appeal of any Board action before the Board or the Maryland Office of Administrative Hearings.

J. The sanctioning guidelines are not applicable to:

(1) Individuals seeking an initial license; or

(2) The summary suspension of a license under State Government Article, §10-226, Annotated Code of Maryland.

K. Notwithstanding the sanctioning guidelines, a respondent may surrender a license.