.05 Substantiation of Credits.

A. The licensee shall keep accurate records of attendance at approved continuing education programs and be able to substantiate those records upon request.

B. The Board shall conduct a random audit before or during the license renewal period to ensure compliance with this chapter.

C. The Board shall disallow the continuing education credits for a licensee who is unable to substantiate the credits and may refuse to renew the license if credits are disallowed.

D. The Board may require additional verification or verify independently any information received regarding content and certification of, and attendance at, a continuing education program.

E. The Board may grant an extension of time for the licensee to obtain required continuing education credits if the licensee presents evidence satisfactory to the Board that failure to comply was due to circumstances beyond the licensee's control.

F. The Board may not accept continuing education credits from a previous renewal period.

G. The Board shall renew a license for the first renewal period following the issuance of the original license without requiring continuing education credits if the original license was issued 1 year or less before the expiration date of the license.

H. A licensee shall maintain complete and accurate records of the licensee's continuing education credits for the preceding 4 years and present them to the Board upon request.

I. Upon licensee petition, the Board may waive the continuing education requirements when it determines that the licensee was unable to comply due to hardship.

J. The Board may institute disciplinary action, pursuant to Health Occupations Article, §3-313, Annotated Code of Maryland, against a chiropractor who submits fraudulent information to the Board.